College Outreach Program

Dedicated to Southern California Students

Hybrid Academy is proud to serve Southern California college students. The College Outreach Program provides training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Nogi Grappling, and Wrestling for college students on a fixed income. The program provides full gym access to all martial arts and wrestling classes at a student discounted rate. To redeem your entry into the program, please fill out the contact card below and our coaching staff will reach out to you shortly.

Requirements: student must currently be enrolled in college. Must have a valid school ID and copy of current class schedule to recieve student discount rate. Program includes free uniform (Gi), belt, and free t-shirt.


Contact Card

To redeem your free trial class, please fill out our contact card with the information requested and our Hybrid coaching staff will reach out you shortly.

We are looking forward to traininig with you.

(714) 597-6947

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