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Boxing club

Time to Lace Up Those Gloves!

Hybrid Boxing club includes a free t-shirt and a free pair of boxing gloves. All classes are beginner friendly for adults.

Reserve you free trial boxing class by filling out our Contact Card below.

We teach student the Boxing Basics: all students will learn the fundamental skills of boxing, chich includes stance & motion, basic combos and defense. This class does have sparring days, which all students must have a mouth piece, head gear, gloves & hand wraps.

Sparring: Beginner students will focus on the basics until approved by coach for sparring. New students will not spar the first day of class. 

Professsional Handwrapping: have your hands wrapped like the boxing Pros. We offer professional custom handwrapping at an additional $45 charge. Reserve your hand wrap appointment at the front desk. We recommend students arrive 15 mins early for their appointment. 

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Tuesday & Thursday

7:10 PM

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6:00 PM



12:00 PM


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